Liber Pandaemonium

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Its original working title was “Horny Things: Satan, Baphomet, Lucifer and Djinn”

I originally tried to search for “Horny Teacher” but this is the only safe picture that came up.

This is a history and overview of a bunch of entities that are interchangeably and often erroneously referred to as “Satan” and/or “Satanic.” It will avoid the glut and sudden influx of confounding, and often historical revisionist, modern and post-modern views (while offering criticism of them). This course is meant for people who want to work on theurgy, have an interest in the infernal, or just want to see the transition of an entity that is probably one of the oldest deities humankind has known. My two main theses are a) Satan as an entity has devolved from an abstract object that instilled fear, to a post-modern joke; and b) “Satanism” is not a coherent or unified religious doctrine but is rather a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal.

Various exercises that are optional
These assignments will be done as a group and will entail contributing via discussion in some way or another in order for the class to work. After the class is completed, everyone who participated will be able to use the material we create in any manner they so desire.
The assignments are available to anyone who contacts me.

The tentative pipeline was:
Week 1-2 — Orientation. Types of Satanism and Pseudo-Satanism
Weeks 2-4 — Into the Pit: Things that Dwell in Hell
Weeks 5-7 — The Lightbringer and the Adversarial Algorithm
Weeks 8-10 — Echoes of the First Death; towards a new Chaotic Satanism (or, “Pandaemonium”)

To begin with the actual lectures, go here:
Lecture 0: Orientation
(Contact me for access to the lectures)

Lecture 0: Orientation

Lecture 1: Analyzing a Name

Lecture 2: The Two Horns of (Modern) Satanism

Lecture 3: Demons and Djinn, Part 1

Lecture 4: Demons and Djinn, Part 2

Lecture 5: Grimoires

Lecture 5.1: Ars Goetia

Lecture 5.2: Scirlin and the Grimorium Verum

Lecture 5.3: Magic Squares and Abramelin

Lecture 6: Into what Pit thou seest

Lecture 7: Baphomet

Lecture 8: The Adversarial Algorithm and Pandæmonium

Lecture 9: The Esoteric Analysis of Satan

Lecture 10: Pacts and Faust

Lecture 11: Lucifer


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