About Hustlevania


What is the history of this project?

In 2010, I began writing Hustlevania. It started as a screenplay and lay dormant for awhile.


Can I read some of it? 
Absolutely! Here are the sample chapters.
Here are the characters.
In order to fund completion of the novel (I need to travel to Europe to work on the final 1/3rd), I have made some of my writing available for purchase: US UK CA.


What is the basic premise of the story?
A group of friends who work on films in Los Angeles face a difficult time with their careers.

They owe much of their success to a friend of theirs who, while very talented, refuses to work in film any longer.

So the group of friends, believing this friend to be their last chance at a career boost, plan a kidnapping! Destination: Hollywood.

However, one of the friends has secretly been selling screenplays to film students. His latest customer is a student whose father is a powerful crime boss.

This student buys one of these movie scripts but does a poor job filming it.

Because of such, he is humiliated in class and seeks revenge.

This, too, does not go entirely as planned, and he ends up taking a hostage — the one whom that circle of friends had kidnapped — who he then subsequently forces to make movies for him.

Meanwhile, these movies gain massive popularity. So the group of friends who instigated this quandary attempt to recover their friend. At the same time, a gigantic media conglomerate engages in back-room deals in a bid to gain the rights to this work.

Their friend, held prisoner, is basically left on their own while everyone else fights for control of their work.


What genre is Hustlevania?
New Vampire Decadent.


So it’s like Cecil B. Demented but they’re all vampires?
That would be fun to imagine.


How much research have you put into this?
Everything in the story has happened to me or to a friend of mine. All of the book has, more or less, already happened, and I am just sharing it with the literary world once I rinse it clean of anything I can get in trouble for. This is the main reason why it has taken 6-plus years to finish.


I didn’t notice anything in the plot about actually drinking blood!
I am coming up with new blood delivery mechanisms. Additionally, I don’t want to give it all away up front. When my readers pick up this book, they shall not only have purchased a great story, they will have also obtained bleeding edge vampire technology.


What do you write with?
No one cares.


How will Hustlevania be released/published/distributed?
I presently intend to sell it out of the back of a van in Hollywood and occasionally leave copies in the boxes of free books that one finds outside of used bookstores.


What else is there?
You can read about me here.