Lecture 0: Orientation

This won’t make a non-satanist into a satanist any more than a man who studies feminism is female.14212829_10153683550215974_1919320095323322643_n

If you:
hope to “expose” Satanism,
believe the world is 6000 years old,
think Eyes Wide Shut is a documentary,
are going to ask “how to join satanism”,
think Satanists occupy positions of world power,
think Satan is a word in Sanskrit or Indo-European (“Aryan”),
or believe “the illuminati,” “the jews” and/or “the masons” control the world,
then you are not going to have a fun time, and will probably be ruthlessly mocked by everyone.

Copyright Statement: Materials provided in this class contain elements taken from contemporary books, old grimoires, public domain sources, and unpublished material. This text is not meant to be made public, and therefore I will not provide bibliographical information or credit any authors. In some cases the authors are either unknown or do not want to be known. For this reason, do NOT share any parts of this text on any website, personal blogs or in any sort of publication, as this might result in copyright issues for which the teacher and venue do not take responsibility. Please keep all materials included here and in further workings to yourself and use them for this project and in your personal work only.

Warning: Misuse or even mere possession of this information can get you thrown in jail or possibly even killed depending on where you live. The author and venue bear absolutely no responsibility for this or any other harm that may come your way. Furthermore, the author does not even claim any of the information provided is accurate.

If you understand all of this and wish to read the lectures, they are as follows:

Lecture 1: Analyzing a Name
Lecture 2: The Two Horns of Satanism
Lecture 3: Demons and Djinn, Part 1
Lecture 4: Demons and Djinn, Part 2
Lecture 5: Grimoires
Lecture 5.1: Ars Goetia
Lecture 5.2: Scirlin and the Grimorium Verum
Lecture 5.3: Magic Squares and Abramelin
Lecture 6: Into what Pit thou seest
Lecture 7: Baphomet
Lecture 8: The Adversarial Algorithm and Pandæmonium
Lecture 9: The Esoteric Analysis of Satan
Lecture 10: Pacts and Faust
Lecture 11: Lucifer