An excerpt from the Tome of Operations.

To [attenuate] a presence of an object is to reduce its force. This is not simply a dilution, or dimming the lights, so to speak. Subtlety shall again serve as our watch-word.

Let’s say we agree on a Musical operation. So we take one of the Nine as the object of our devotion-dreaming. We can [attenuate] her by spreading her presence more thinly.

In the case of a recent example (published elsewhere), we can visit the Lunar, and [attenuate] the <Lunar qua goddess> into the <Lunar qua temple>. This reduces the intensity of the energy at any given point, by increasing the separation between points. Note that there is no -loss- of energy in this operation, but rather a conversion. The conversion from <person-or-object> into a <location> is the most promising way to [attenuate] for the dream workings. We can turn a goddess into her palace. Rather than experience just one subject, we can fill this location with other subjects.

And of course, don’t forget, the original [attenuated] object can still reside within the location. What fun would it be if Euterpe did not meet us within the Euterpean Palazzo we [attenuate]?

[Attenuate]: <original form>



[Attenuate]: <interstitial form>



[Attenuate]: <end form>